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We Welcome You as Our Patient!


     We appreciate the confidence you have placed in us to provide for your podiatric health.  We will do our utmost to assure you every courtesy, professional and personal, deserving of that trust.  We pride ourselves in prompt, professional, friendly and confidential services. Our goal is to provide high quality foot and ankle care to our patients.  We will always strive to fully discuss our diagnoses and treatment options with our patients.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our doctors or office professionals.


We appreciate our past and present patients and are cognizant of their importance in our existence.  Referrals made by our patients are graciously appreciated.  Thank you for placing your confidence in us for your podiatric health!



  What is a Podiatrist?

Foot pain is not something you have to live with.  Many people walk around for weeks, months, or even years before they realize that the pain they are having is not normal...75% of Americans will seek podiatric care in their lifetime.  A podiatrist is a physician specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all foot and some ankle disorders.

  Our Services -

From routine checkups to treatments for surgery, Siouxland Podiatry Associates is committed to providing quality medical, orthopedic, and surgical treatment of foot and ankle problems for the entire family.


Such care includes, but is not limited to treatment of:


§ Foot and Ankle Arthritis
§ Diabetic Foot Care
§ Heel Pain
§ Nail Disorders
§ Bunions
§ Hammertoes
§ Infections/Wounds
§ Sports Injuries
§ Athlete's Feet
§ Work Related Injuries
§ Foot and Ankle Fractures
§ Warts/Skin Lesions
§ Corns/Calluses
§ Bone Spurs
§ Foot and Ankle Reconstruction


  Appointments -

We attempt so see all patients on an appointment basis and request that you call in advance for your reserved time.  We attempt to accommodate patients with urgent and emergent problems.  We make every effort to honor all time commitments and request the same courtesy be extended to us.  On occasion, emergencies arise and whenever possible, you will be informed of any delays beyond our control.


Please be assured that while another patient's medical care may cause unforeseen delays, you will be afforded the same exclusive medical care during your appointment with the doctor.


If you find it necessary to reschedule your appointment, we request notification as far in advance as possible, preferably at least 24 hours. 

  Emergency Care -

We recognize that emergency situations arise and we will respond promptly.  Please call as early in the day as possible to coordinate your needs with the availability of the doctor.  If the emergency arises when the office is closed, the answering machine will direct you on how to reach the doctor on call.  We also provide emergency services at the hospitals.  If you feel your condition is life threatening, please call 911. 













  Fees & Insurance -

We make every effort to contain the cost of your podiatric care.  Prompt payment at the time of service is appreciated.  We participate with most major insurers, including Medicare, and submit those medical claims on your behalf.  You will be responsible for any deductible, co-insurance or balance not paid by your insurance company. 
















Siouxland Podiatry Associates, P.C.  ›  2916 Hamilton Blvd, Upper C  ›  Sioux City, Iowa  51104  ›  Phone: 712-255-1621  ›  Toll Free:  888-255-1621

Office Hours:  Mon-Thurs 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.   ›  Friday 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


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